[MadDog] Tactical Handguard[For AK47/AK74 AEG/GBB Series][BLK]

Item No.: AA#09297

Factory Code: MD-MOEAK-BK

Brand: MadDog

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[MadDog]Tactical Handguard[For AK47/AK74 AEG/GBB Series][BLK]

  • Tactical Handguard for AK47 / AK74 is a a M@gpul style polymer constructed handguard that is made as an lightweight replacement of the bulky and heavy original handguards on the AK platform. Accepting M-lok accessories, this handguard enables AK users to use modern accessories, such as flash light and laser designators with ease. To install just remove the old handguards, both top and bottom, and it would fit on as a drop in unit.


  • Part No.: MD-MOEAK-BK
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Nylon Plastic
  • Weight: 210g
  • Compatibility: Airsoft AK74/AK47 AEG/GBB Series

Package Contents:

  1. Handguard x 1set