[SEALS] Grenade Launcher EGLM for SCAR [BLK]

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Factory Code: AA#01675

Brand: SEALS

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Grenade launcher is mounted on the rail RIS QD system, allows for rapid assembly or disassembly. The principle of operation is identical to the type of grenade launchers M-203, only the trigger was placed just below the trigger gun. Significantly improved the ergonomics of shooting. The trigger also has a lock. To match the gas chambers, 40mm grenade replicas. Grip and the body are made from high quality polymer, and metal barrel.

This versatile set comes with two adapters, allowing it to mount at the discretion of the replica SCAR-H or SCAR-L.

- grenade
- Adapter for SCAR-L
- Adapter for SCAR-H

?Ammunition: 40 mm gas grenade

?Purpose: SCAR-L, SCAR-H
?Color: BLK
?Installation of a QD

Package Contents:
1) Launcher x 1pc
2) Mount x 1set