[SHS] Hi-Torque Airsoft PTW AEG Motor[Systema PTW][2021 Ver.]

Item No.: AA#07911

Factory Code: SHS-335 / DJ0035

Brand: SHS

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[SHS][SHS-335] Hi-Torque Airsoft PTW AEG Motor[Systema PTW]

SHS has enhanced the metal parts in Red. with CNC Aluminium Material.

  • SHS Hi-Torque PTW Motor in 2016 Version
  • Compatible to PTW SYSTEMS
  • Easy for attaching the Wire from ECU or MOSFET (Please see the picutre)
  • Increase the durable of useage
  • magnets for excellent performance and perfect repeat
  • excellent speed of rotation


  • Part No.: SHS-335 / DJ0035
  • Weight:200g*
  • Compatibility: SYSTEMA PTW M4, G&D DTW, Celcius CTW Etc....
  • Colour: Black and Red
  • No load: 30500rpm speed ± 12%, 6.3A current
  • A constant load: 25155rpm speed, current 21.6A

Package Contents:

  1. PTW Motor x 1pc