[Sotac] Functional OTAL-C PEQ Laser Device[Green Laser Ver.][FDE]

Item No.: AA#14997

Factory Code: TB-055

Brand: Sotac

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[Sotac] Functional OTAL-C PEQ Laser Device[Green Laser Ver.][FDE]


  • function :  Green laser 
    .This product is a metal shell, and the low-end version of about 300 on the Internet is a plastic shell.
    .What is an IR lamp. When you use night vision device in extremely dark environment, there will also be times when you can't see specific objects or people. At this time, using IR fill light is equivalent to the flashlight lighting effect in night vision environment, which can be lit instantly Illuminated night vision is invisible in the visual field, but the beam is invisible to the naked eye.
    .The IR light of this product can all be used with true night vision device function, also suitable for true iron


  • Part No.: TB-055
  • Colour: Dark Earth
  • Material: Aluminium Housing
  • Weight: 280g
  • Laser Power Output: 5W
  • Compatibility: 20mm Picatinny Rail
Package Contents:
  1. Laser Device x 1pc
  2. Fast Switch Pad x 1pc
  3. Stickers x 1pc
  4. Magic Sticky Pad x 1set
  5. Hex Key x 1pc