[TMC] NVG ANVIS9 Dummy Device[BLK]

Item No.: AA#09824

Factory Code: TMC2885-BK

Brand: TMC

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[TMC] NVG ANVIS9 Dummy Device[BLK]

  • This TMC ANVIS9 NVG Dummy is made of high quality nylon material. It is the highest simulation dummy of ANVIS9 NVG. All constructions are adjustable, and it can attach to ANVIS mount or other NVG mount such as DPAM, GSGM.
  • The TMC Dummy ANVIS9 is a non functional replica of the real steel version.
  • It is having a stylish design as well as doing a good job of looking like the real ANVIS9, so you can slap one on your helmet.
  • You can adjust the placement of the binoculars so they fit over the eyes of the user.


  • Part No.:TMC2885-BK
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 250g
  • Length:130mm
  • Dimensions (cm): 15 (L) x 13 (W) x 13 (H)
  • Compatible with ANVIS mount or similar system NVG mount

Package Contents:

  1. Dummy Device x 1pc