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[Tokyo Marui] Gindan Loader[70rds]

Item No.: AA#08645

Factory Code: TM-4952839136848

Brand: Tokyo Marui

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[Tokyo Marui] Gindan Loader[70rds]

  • Makes reloading your standard magazines as easy as using a mechanical pencil. Just pour in your BBs, align the loading nozzle to the magazine feed tube, then pump away with your thumb switch to load BBs into the magazine quickly and easily. No need to carry that large and bulky loading rod with you anymore! Works with 6mm BBs only!
  • *For Marui AEP(Electric pistols) only!!


  • Part No.:TM-4952839136848
  • Colour: Trans. Grey
  • Weight: 36g
  • Loading Capacity: 70rds
  • Compatibility: Airsoft AEP Guns Only

Package Contents:

  1. Loader x 1pc