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[Tokyo Marui] Standard AEG Magazine[For AUG][80rds]

Item No.: AA#08537

Factory Code: TM-MAG-AUG80

Brand: Tokyo Marui

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[Tokyo Marui] Standard AEG Magazine[For AUG][80rds]

  • A direct replacement of the standard magazine for the Marui AUG rifle. This magazine is the same for both civilian special and military AUGs. Semi-transparent casing allows you to see how many BBs you have left. Plastic construction.
  • Consider opting for an additional magazine and also a dual magazine clamp to increase your skirmishing capacity. An auto-loader also makes loading standard magazines much much easier. Also do not forget to stock up on BB's. For skirmishing, also cons


  • Part No.: TM-MAG-AUG80
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 400g
  • Compatibility: Tokyo Marui AUG AEG Series
  • Material: Nylon Plastic

Package Contents:

  1. Magazine x 1pc