[Umarex] VFC UMP9 Gas GBB Magazine[Curved Ver.][30rds]

Item No.: AA#14728

Factory Code: VF9-MAG-UMPG-BK02

Brand: Umarex

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[Umarex] VFC UMP9 Gas GBB Magazine[Curved Ver.][30rds]


  • The Umarex 9mm Curved Style 30rds Magazine for Umarex UMP9 GBB SMG is a polymer encased metal construction magazine for the Umarex UMP9 GBB SMG series and holds 30 rounds of BB
  • If you own a Umarex UMP45 gas blowback rifle, then this UMP9 gas magazine will also work with your gun. 
  • The gas magazines of the UMP45 and UMP9 are interchangeable.
  • Part No.: VF9-MAG-UMPG-BK02
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Nylon Plastic
  • Weight:  1100g
  • Compatibility: Umarex VFC UMP9 Gas Blowback GBB Series
  • Magazine Loading Capacity: 30rds
Package Contents:
  1. Magazine x 1pc