[VFC] M4 GBBR Forward Assist Assembly [For VFC M4/ HK416 GBB Series]

Item No.: AA#08292

Factory Code: VF9-FAA-M4G-ZN

Brand: VFC

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[VFC] M4 GBBR Forward Assist Assembly [For VFC M4/ HK416 GBB Series]?/strong>

  • A spare part of the VFC M4 gas blowback carbine.
  • For those that do not know, sometimes the bolt of your weapon returns forward but not the whole way. In the case of a real firearm this can cause a catastrophic blow out or at least minor damage but in Airsoft it will at least form a poor seal and fail to fire your BB properly.
  • if the bolt goes forward, it slides a BB into the chamber but if it fails to go into a fully forward position simply racking the charging handle again will not clear the previous BB (unlike a real firearm that will eject the current round in the chamber). Instead, you can push the bolt the rest of the way using the forward assist.
  • Forward assists are not commonly used anymore, either in real steel or Airsoft GBBs but it is still a common feature on GBBR M4s and so you might as well make sure yours is functioning properly.


  • Part No.: VF9-FAA-M4G-ZN
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 40g**
  • Compatibility: VFC M4 GBB Gas Blowback Series

Package Contents:

  1. Forward Assist x 1set