[WE-Tech] 18C GBB Pistol Gun[Gen. 4][TAN]

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Brand: WE-Tech

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[WE-Tech] 18C GBB Pistol Gun[Gen. 4][TAN]

Selective Switch is located on the back of the slide. (NOTE: must pull slide for switching shooting mode)
By repeating testing with 0.2g BB & HFC22 Gas, this G18C offer a constant 310fps muzzle velocity. It is well over the stock power of a Tokyo Marui Airsoft AEG such as M4A1 and MP5A4
Rail Framed Design is well known for Tactical Flashlight & Laser Sight Attachment.
M6 / X300 High Intensity Flashlight & Tactical Laser Sight are sold in our Store
Marui Adjustable Hop Up system with Tools included
Magazine loading capacity is 23 + 1. Optional 50 Rounds Extended Long Magazine is available for a extended shooting power
Full metal magazine give you a solid Mag Load feel.

Manufacturer: WE
Propultion System: Based on Marui GBB Pistol System.
?Velocity [FPS]: 276~300
Propultion: Gas Propultion
Type of Fire: Single, Auto
Lenght: 456mm
Weight : 700g
Magazine Type: Standard-Cap Magazine
Magazine Cpacity: 23 Rds
Hop-UP System: Yes, Regulated
Blow Back: No.
Material : ABS
Marking: Fully Marked with Engraving finishing.

Package Contents:
1) CLOCK G17 Pistol Gun
2) Magazine x 1pc

3) Instruction Manuel x 1pc